UDC Virtual

COVID-19 has brought new challenges and hard decisions for parents in our community.  One of those decisions is regarding summer camp and the conflict with providing their children a quality summer experience and keeping their children safe.  Uptown Day Camp recognizes every's family situation is different and it might not be best for a child to attend summer camp, even though the parent really wants and needs them to be involved in something constructive over the summer months.  Thus, UDC Virtual, was born!

UDC Virtual is a program designed to engage your child online in the large group sessions as well as provide two activities per day and a snack all without leaving home.  A caring camp counselor has been hired to serve this group of virtual campers online and keep them engaged.  While campers will still need adult supervision at home for this program, it will relieve parents from having to fill every hour of the day.

In order to participate in this program we ask families to have a few things:

  • A device that can access the internet (although if this is the hold up let us know)

  • A camper, K-5th grade, that wants to participate

  • An adult that is willing to help them get online throughout the day

  • An adult willing to fill out the registration form


And with that, your virtual camp packages will begin arriving!  The virtual camp box will be delivered over the weekend in time for your child to have everything they need to participate the next week.  Are you interested?  Fill out the form below and our Virtual Camp Coordinator, Jamila Felder, will be in touch.


Virtual Camp Registration

Financial Support for Materials (optional)